Lost and Found

In 2019, an engraving by Miró that was part of a larger Gaudí Series went missing in transit. This occurred when a Spanish collector sold the piece to a London buyer. The engraving eventually found its way to an auction house in the United Kingdom that unknowingly put the piece on sale. In 2020, the work was recovered by Interpol Manchester NCB and returned to its original owner in Spain.

In 2019, Los Angeles Police served search warrants to four warehouses after an individual attempted to sell several paintings to an auction house. The auction house notified authorities of suspected illicit transactions. At the warehouses, police discovered over one hundred paintings and rare antiques that were stolen from wealthy neighborhoods during an extensive art heist in 1993. One of the stolen artworks was a lithograph by Miró titled Ma de Proverbis (1970).

The Reaper (1937) was a large-scale mural painted by Miró for the Spanish Pavilion at the World’s Fair in Paris, 1937.

The fate and whereabouts of the piece after the conclusion of the fair is unknown and only black and white photographs of the mural remain as evidence of its existence.