Our Expertise

Miro was a neat freak. He always sported a fresh haircut. Miro always looked confined in strictly starched white shirts and suits ironed like military uniforms. Miro dressed and looked like a banker. Everything about Miro and his life was orderly. He graduated from the schools he attended. Miro’s daughter was born exactly 9 months after he got married. Miro married one time and it lasted fifty-four years, until he died.

The methodical control of everything in his life is reflected in Miro’s paintings. The first thing to make sure of when examining a work he possibly created is that every detail is impeccably executed.

While Miro’s works may look like spontaneous explosions of colors and shapes and unexpected combinations, nothing in their creation could be further away than spontaneity. Miro’s creations are the result of calculated and recalculated meticulous planning. Miro’s father was a watchmaker and Miro built paintings with the precision usually reserved for assembling watches.

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